The Game

And if you wake up as a giant in a comics world?
And, more than your size, the sound of your little voice will be heard by everybody? and remember you’re powerful!
Playing with “vocal technics” (sing, rhythm, burps, harmonics) you could convince you’re not the usual “big bad monster”, you’ll destroy ugly buildings, light up a vulcano, blow away clouds, vibrate with the world, and nobody will die.
Tonzilla is the game where your voice matters.

[Throat specialist not included]

Stefano Cecere @ KRUR
game design, code, sound and procrastinations
Emiliano Granatelli @ TodaviaNo
graphics and vegetarian ideas

with the support and ideas by Christain "CH" Costanza, JJ, Pietro Polsinelli, Diego Corsi, Carlo "Wild Programmer" Bini and Lorenzo Pierobon